I am a performer, theatre maker and practitioner from North East England, currently based in London. My work is influenced by the practices of Polish Laboratory theatre, polyphonic music, and ensemble theatre.

I trained at Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance (RBC) firstly on the BA European Theatre Arts course, with a 3-month exchange, studying Creación (Devised Theatre) at Escuela Superior de Dramático (ESAD) in Murcia. In ESAD Murcia, I discovered the work of Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Song of the Goat). I decided to continue training with Song of the Goat as part of the MA Ensemble Theatre course in collaboration with Rose Bruford College.


As part of our MA training, we performed on Imedi Media’s იმედის დილა / Good Morning, Hope, Georgian national breakfast television and performed Studying Hamlet with Song of the Goat at The Gdańsk International Shakespeare Festival 2015.


Since graduating I have performed with Spindrift Theatre, Finger in the Pie, The Lab Collective, Verity Standen and Invisible Flash. As a theatre maker, I have produced and performed with Pulse 53 and Seemia Theatre.


Due to a trauma-accident, I was visually impaired in my left eye at the age of 17, and now I have reduced sight in the left eye, reduced peripheral vision, and lack depth perception. It was during research for my MA that I became influenced by my own perception of the world and performer training, according to my partial sightedness. I began to develop a practice of performance work that incorporates physically demanding performer training, as a means and introduction to using the voice, focusing on the role of Vibrations; physically, metaphysically and metaphorically.


As a practitioner, I have facilitated workshops for Extant, The Orpheus Centre, Invisible Flash and assisted music leading for Verity Standen with her site-specific performance Refrain.

Robin Paley Yorke