When The Bells Toll...

When The Bells Toll...

... was first conceived as a practical independent research project as part of my Bachelor’s degree.

In October 2014, I presented the work-in-progress performance alongside a seminar paper at the 5th International Music & Sound on Stage Conference in London.

​Originally focussing upon how the performer reacted to sounds in the rehearsal studio, this developed into examining how Psychoacoustics can communicate narrative, in relation to how an ensemble may use the structures of polyphonic music. The intermedial performance consisted of transitions between recorded music and sound effects with the live performance of traditional polyphonic songs from Catalunya and the Czech Republic, as well as live compostitions.

The paper reflected upon the performance and it's structures and forms of polyphonic songs used by the ensemble.


Devised by:

Alice Rotherwell

Evie May Evans

Robin Paley Yorke


Performed by:

Sara Amini

Sofia Aseer

Robin Paley Yorke



The Journey

We are constantly moving. We hear transport, day in, day out.

‘Put the kettle on…

...is Britain’s answer to Armageddon.’

John Agard, 2009.

The sweet comfort of sound.

Silence. except when the pin drops.

[un]Welcome return.


Robin Paley Yorke