A gallery of production and rehearsal photographs from some of my recent work.

A gallery of Robin's most recent work and performances, including; Bankers (WriteOnTap, Alphabetti Theatre), Evros | The Crossing River (Seemia Theatre), Yusuf's (Sinai Theatre Ensemble) Studying Hamlet (Song of the Goat Theatre/Teatr Pieśń Kozła), Carroll:Berserk (Spindrift Theatre), Cuilidh (Nicholas Halliwell), Music, Song, Dance, Olé (Samuel C. Dunstan), Against Nothingness or 3cm Above An Empty Head (Pulse 53), When the Bells Toll... (5th International Sound & Music on Stage Conference).

Photos courtesy of Michael O'Reilly, Richard Mildenhall, Greg Veit, Reh Petr, Matthew Kaltenborn, Adam El-Shawary, Mateusz Bral, Dawid Linkowski, T. Cosal and Arash Ashtiani, Kamal Mostafi, PhotosbyBish.

Robin Paley Yorke